I'm really into vintage and modern home design. I love the way people are incorporating brand new modern design and furnishing with vintage and retro items.

I've also apparently fell in love with simplicity. Gone are my once 'i want a wallpapered feature wall with contrasting paint walls'. No, now I want all plain, all white, all boring... but then, loads of meaningful and heartfelt decor, personal to me, and hubby of course.

As of late I have been really inspired to decorate my home. Since we moved in we have really improved our home' it really was a project where if you couldn't envisage potential then it really was grim.
But we could. Now a year on, we have 'almost' our dream living room (minus some much needed and coveted box shelving for hubby's abundance of games and movies), and our kitchen is the retro/farmhouse inspired kitchen that I had lusted over.

And the best part of all of this, is every teeny weeny  bit of our home, has been DIY. And because of this, its perfect to me!

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