Lately me & hubby have been making a real effort to be outdoors. We are out every morning, and out again early evening.  Lately we've really been loving taking Pink out for her walks, appreciating the surroundings and sunsets, and the beautiful area we live.

Pink has also discovered her love for 'mole hills'. She's now started digging and getting all covered in mud, much to the dismay of our floor at home. The mornings have been sunny and beautiful, and cold. Very cold.

After much consideration over vintage wedding rings, the other evening we decided it best to buy new bands. We both wanted something simple but sturdy, and we both felt that vintage rings could, 1) be bad luck, and 2) strength could have been compromised meaning the rings we have to symbolise our everlasting love.. might not be so everlasting.
We now have our wedding rings, and a delicate little gold box which will look lovely on the day, matching the colour theme. All brand new and sparkly.

After months of waiting, I've also had my first appointment with my specialist consultant at the hospital. It was both informative and progressive so after a few more tests, i'm on my way.

Also we've been eating much better and trying to cut out overly processed foods, we feel great for it too.

Goodbye for now x

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