I finally cracked, we got chickens! Well, it's actually a joint venture with the neighbours so it's saving us a tonne & we're going to go half's on the eggs.
Here they are, in all there glory! They look like there huddling for a team talk here, but they're so cute. 6 of the little beauties!

T'was sunny the other day, so we took the opportunity to take our 2 bearded dragons out into the garden to soak up some proper UV. They loved it, grumpy little 'uns.

Can you spot our 2 tortoises in the grass? Again enjoying the sunshine...

Lately, everything has been going well for us, for once! Hubby got the job, he's started and he's loving it. Things keep getting better. I am very happy, very happy indeed. Under 9 weeks until we get married too.

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