We've had my little niece stay over quite a lot lately. One sunny afternoon we decided to give our garden a little TLC  She helped by using our colourful jumbo crayons to label, everything! She's a little darling.

Our pond is looking a little worse for wear lately, and suns really done a number on the level and colour of the water. That being said, we are inundated with frogs and tadpoles.

We've had a bit of a roller-coaster as of late. Hubby has secured a new job and hospital visits have resulted in some better news. Hubby's also now got transport and its 11 weeks and 2 days 'til our wedding day! That being said, we've had a few fall outs with my soon to be in'laws & so everything's a bit on edge at the moment.

We've had a few days of brilliant sunshine, but mainly its been piddling it down. At least our plants are getting watered.


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