The week the heartburn has been a nightmare again and it doesn't help that I'm craving Pepsi. I like to have a small ice cold glass in the evening as a treat but it is like drinking fire so it's every few days at the moment as I'd rather avoid the heartburn. Since it's been Christmas we've had a lot of sweet treats in the house but I haven't really indulged as I've been feeling full quite alot and my appetite is lacking a little. Of course I've still been eating plenty to make sure baby Harry is growing away though. 

26 weeks 3 days

And one with the little one, mid-sneeze...

Here's a little photo at 26 weeks and 6 days whilst stood up, my bump has never been this high but over the past few days I've really noticed that little man is sitting really high and it's becoming really hard to breathe. I'm finding the most comfortable position is with my arms above my head so I'm giving my torso as much room as possible which is pretty awkward unless I'm at home! I've noticed my old stretch marks are starting to become a lot more visible too which is a definite sign that baby is getting bigger. 

I've got a midwife appointment in just over a weeks time to take some bloods to check my iron levels and take the first measurements of bump. After that appointment I'll have to see her every two weeks to check my blood pressure as requested by my consultant.

I've wrote a list of stuff for my hospital bag and only have one more thing to buy before I start to think about packing it. Now that baby Harry's room is empty of Indie's Christmas presents we are starting to get very excited about the 12 week countdown to meet baby boy. We're planning on putting the bouncer and things up in the next few weeks so we can check it's all there and good to use and that way Indie has a bit of time to adjust to the new bits and bobs that will eventually be around the house.

I'll end with my weekly bump shot (as always it's taken on Monday morning before I eat so bump is at it's smallest and most 'true to size').


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