Once every few months I have the pleasure of spending money on my little ones to 'top up' on the basics. Until recently Harry had been growing like a weed and needed new clothes every month but thankfully his growth seems to be calming down a little and so he only needed the basics; vests, pyjamas and socks. Indie has also stopped growing out of her clothes so quickly and she too only needed the basics. I chose to get a few bits from Next and I am so in love with the style prints and little touches that I just had to share. I posted an Insta-Story showing everything I bought and had so many questions about these bits in particular so I figured I would share them

I got Indie a pack of three vests and a pack of five knickers to add to the bits she already has. Usually I go for bog standard white and plain but I thought as we only needed a few bits I'd get some 'cutesy' ones. 

These pack of three Floral Vests were only £7 and Indie adores the little woodland creatures on the front. I love the little ruffle details and almost feel as it's a bit of a shame to hide them under clothing. I love the soft neutral colour palette of these vest too.

The knickers came in a pack of five (Frill Trim Briefs) and were £8.50. I love the prints on these too and am so impressed with how thick and good quality they feel. To me they feel like really good quality basics and weren't too pricey. One little touch I did love is that the little knickers come in a little cloth bag (in the same material as the bottom teal pair) and the bag has 'little pants' stitched on the front. It's the little things that make me happy, and said bag is now being used to house a certain little girls favourite mini figures. 

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