Life lately has been a mixture of cosy nights in, play days and evening walks. We've been having some work done in the garden to make it lovely for the kids to enjoy in the Spring/Summer and we're really pleased with how it's coming along. With the temperature dropping and the wind becoming bitter, we've been opting for short dog walks and trips to visit family and had so much fun at home.

On Bonfire Night we stayed in and thankfully Harry slept through the bangs. Indie watched from the window with Pink (our dog, see picture) and they comforted each other as they were both curious to see what was happeneing but weren't too keen on the noise.

On the weekend hubby made pancakes for us all and the kids even got their own mini stacks topped with ice-cream. Indie is well into the terrible-two's and is testing her luck with everything; thankfully she is also hilarious and fascinating so it makes it all worth while. And yes, that is a photo of Indie hiding in our Ikea unit below.

 What have you been up to lately?

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