This week I had my 28 week midwife appointment. I had my bloods taken to check my iron levels and I should get the results any day now. I'm feeling pretty good so I think my levels might have gone up and am pretty hopeful. She said my blood pressure was nice and low which she said is normal for me and checked baby's heartbeat which was perfect. I mentioned about my dates to her (see last weeks post) and she did say that it was something my consultant had written in my notes but for obvious reasons they don't want to bring the C-Section forward just incase the revised 'newer' dates are correct.

She explained a little more about the Scheduled C-Section process too and did say that if I go into labour, start having contractions or if my waters break before my c-section date then I should go straight to Labour Ward and they will fit me in for a C-Section there and then before labour progresses. Also I found out that I will get only 2 days notice (by phone call) for my Scheduled C-Section date which I think is crazy. She said they will ring me up and ask me to come in the next day for a pre-op assessment where I will be given something to neutralise my stomach and then baby will be delivered the following day. I expressed my concerns to the midwife, I'm a total control freak and love to plan ahead so it un-nerved me when I found this out so she gave me the number for the office that books the C-Sections and I rang them. They told me they book the sections a few weeks in advance but don't tell us just incase the schedule needs to be changed around for any reason but she said that because I rang up and am a little apprehensive she would put a note next to my name so they will ring me as soon as it's booked so I will know a good few weeks in advance. She said to ring up again a few weeks before if they don't ring me first so I can be sure to know the date in advance which settled my mind.

28 weeks 6 days

The midwife tried to measure my Fundal Height but I kept getting Braxton Hick tightenings and she said she could see and feel my stomach contracting so said it would give an inaccurate reading. It read 26cm which is on the 25th percentile which is great considering I was having Braxton Hicks at the time. She thinks without contracting my stomach would measure nearer the top end like it did with Indie's pregnancy, but we will find that out next time. I have a funny feel that baby number two will be smaller than Indie was. Obviously he will be born at 39 weeks gestation so it will be a week before Indie was born, but still, I just have a feeling he will be a little smaller.

I'm happy to say that this week my heartburn hasn't really been an issue and although I've been getting pretty frequent Braxton Hicks, they're becoming a little less intense which is reassuring. I've managed to drink 2.4 litres of water a day with help from an app that reminds me to drink it and I've been feeling pretty good.

I also bought a new outfit this week; I got some H&M black maternity leggings in the next size up and also a loose Shirt Dress from Boohoo.com as a little treat to myself. I bought the outfit with my C-Section in mind too and the shirt dress covers the leggings a little but also is easy for breastfeeding afterwards.

I'll end with a bump photo for 29 weeks. Also, if you wanted to see an update to baby's nursery then keep your eyes peeled for a post tomorrow.



  1. I can't believe they leave it so late to tell you, I'd want to be prepared too! Parker was born at 39 weeks (a week before indie) and he was 8lb 9oz - 5oz bigger haha, so you never know! Xx

  2. 2 days!? That's ridiculous! I like to plan in advance too so I'd hate to have such short notice. Glad theyre telling you earlier now though! I get my induction date next week so will have 1-2 weeks to prepare..I haven't even packed my hospital bag yet eek! x #maternitymondays

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  3. Aww it's good that the hospital are going to let you know earlier about your c-section date, I think I'd be freaking out with just 2 days notice too!

  4. I can't believe they inform so late, my inner control freak would be going spare by then! I love that shirt dress, it's really pretty x #maternitymondays

  5. Ooo I felt for you then when you said they only let you know 2 days before. I understand why they do it but it's not great if you need to sort out other children. I hope you get the date soon my lovely. I am loving staying up to date with your updates #maternitymondays