This week we got to see the baby...

He/She is measuring 10 days behind so they put my due date back to 28th March instead of the 18th. The scan went really well and everything was ok, though the sonographer was very quick and I felt very rushed.

That being said, seeing our baby was the best thing ever and it was amazing.

 I weighed myself for the first time since finding out I was pregnant too. In the past 12 weeks I have gained 3.4lb. I'm actually surprised it wasn't more with the rubbish I've been eating so was actually pretty pleased. I'm still in my size 10 jeans, though they are maternity.

This past week my nausea has really settled down and I've gained a bit more of an appetite. Now I am over the 12 week 'nausea makes me feel so sick I don't want to eat or do anything' stage, I've made a concious effort to cook healthy nutritious meals and it's been helping. I always said that in the first 12 weeks I would eat whatever I could stomach at the time because one minute I want food and the next I can't stand the sight of it so I have, but now is the time to eat for baby rather than myself and I am trying my best to make at least 5 out of 7 meals during the week nutritious and filling and high in iron and the good stuff.

Hubby and I have been talking about names lately. We're pretty set on Harry for a boy (with John as a middle name after my father) and we like Robyn for a girl. There's still plenty of time to change our minds but for now we're pretty much decided.

Harry John Gallacher

Robyn Gallacher

My bump is still growing away, still very small but nonetheless visible.

In the next few weeks I need to book my 16 week midwife appointment which will be where I talk a little more about my hopes for a VBAC.

Only 2 weeks and 6 days 'til we find out the gender now! We're so excited.



  1. Aww, lovely clear scan pictures! How exciting :-) your stomach still looks incredibly flat!


  2. I love your gorgeous little bump! This is making me feel so broody. We may be trying again next year! Glad you are feeling better and bet you can't wait for the 20 weeks scan!! xx #maternitymondays

  3. Aww congrats. I haven't thought to weigh myself, although I know what I was before I fell pregnant - it might be too depressing to find out what I am now, lol! #maternitymondays

  4. Glad all is well, if we had had a little girl her middle name would have been Robyn too. #maternitymondays