This past week has probably been the best so far nausea and sickness wise. I seem to be feeling alot better (touch wood) and I am definitely feeling more like myself.

One amazing thing this week is that I was able to find the heartbeat on my fetal heartbeat monitor for the first time. It's the best sound ever.

This week we decided to book a private early gender scan at a private clinic to find out the sex at 16 weeks. We are so excited and can't wait 'til the 4th October! We've never had a private scan before so I'm very curious to see how it differs from the NHS ones.

That being said it's only 5 days 'til our first scan. We are sooooo excited! Hopefully we manage to get a few good pictures of our little one. We're taking Indie along with us too which should be, eventful!

This is my bump currently...

It's crazy to see how much its grown since 6 weeks...

Can't wait to share next weeks update which will hopefully contain scan pictures of our little one!


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