''If there was a right way to parent then there would only be a single parenting book, not hundreds of thousands.''

If you come around my house before noon there is almost a hundred percent chance that there will be dirty dishes on my kitchen side. My kids will be dressed but I will resemble an extra from the 'Walking Dead' and you'll be lucky if you catch me out of pyjamas if we're not leaving the house.

Yeah sure I'd love an immaculate home. I'd love to make myself up each day so I feel like I've got myself together and look presentable and I long for the day that my washing basket is empty, but for now it can wait. They're only this little once, and now is for playing and enjoying them.

So I'm not sorry that my house is often a mess, that I answer the door at noon post-shower in yet more pyjamas and I'm not sorry that my social life is obsolete, because my kids are my world, they need me right now and they come first. 

Make memories.

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  1. Loved this post Cara, you are truly right. Everyone is different and as long as the little ones are happy who cares?