Indie’s vocabulary is really growing. She can say mum, dad, dog, that (whilst pointing at something), tickle, golly, nan, yes, no. She can pretend laugh and put her hand over her mouth when she does. She constantly babbles and chats to herself in her own little language and always shouts at her Daddy. Her favourite toys are books and intricate wooden toys and she adores bath-time; she won't let either of us have a bath alone without trying to climb in.

She will wave goodbye and gets really excited when someone turns up at the house. She can stand up by herself from being sat down without using her hands and is really good with her walking now and happily walks around the house.

She has two naps a day, usually one in the morning for about half an hour, and an afternoon one which can last anywhere from one to two and a half hours, all with still sleeping through the night (6pm – 6.45am). She will not sleep unless she has her grey elephant to snuggle.

Indie now has 6 teeth and has recently started to take bites out of larger pieces of food rather than just eating bite size pieces. Since she was born she has now had 3 haircuts as her hair grows so fast. It’s really lightening up aswell and is no longer dark brown like when she was born.

She is currently wearing 12-18 month clothes and soon we will be taking her to get her feet measured for her first proper shoes. At the moment she wears little soft sole crawling shoes which she is slowly getting used to.

She has a new non-spill beaker now instead of a free flow beaker and is really taking to it. She’s also just learnt how to feed herself with a spoon, albeit we do end up finding squashed baked beans behind her ears and all over the kitchen- but at least she’s willing.

She is changing, learning and growing daily. Sometimes I wish I could slow down time and really savor every moment.

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