You may have seen from yesterdays post that I recently bought Indie some shoes from Next. I wanted to get her a pair of open shoes for the warmer days during spring and summer and pair of comfortable pumps for her to play in on the cooler afternoons.

I ended up ordering these Tan Sandals in a size 4 costing £12. Even though Indie is a size 3 these fit her perfectly with a little room for growth. The material is soft and buttery and I think they will last for quite a while because they have adjustable straps that will grow with the length of her feet.

I was really impressed at how well Indie walked in them. Being sandals, I was a bit apprehensive about her tripping over her own feet and scuffing her toes but they must be a comfortable fit because she didn't seem to notice them at all.

I also got Indie a pair of Denim Printed Pumps for the cooler evenings. I wanted something that didn't fully enclose her feet like her trainers or boots, but something that was also quite supportive on her newly walking feet. I am so glad I bought these. They were only £8 and have a very durable sole. Weirdly, they smelt like watermelon when they arrived, which I was ok with ahaha.

They look stunning on and the inner sole is very cushioned so I can imagine they will be very comfortable to walk in. The backs are also quite cushioned and the heel is well supported as you can see by the thickness of the material. The bottoms are very durable and will be perfect for little feet on the move.

What shoe recommendations do you have for toddlers and little feet?

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  1. I wanted to get Elsa some of those little pumps at the weekend but they didn't have her size. She's a 5-5.5 at the moment and I can't decide if I should get a 6 for summer shoes or not. I'm hovering over getting her a pair of Palmaira sandals. They look super comfy.