It wasn't until I got all of Indie's clothes out to do this post that I realised how much stuff she has. She has 38 outfits, all of which can be mixed and matched, aswell as nine pairs of leggings and twelve tops to mix and match. Here are a few of my favourites.

1) Jumpers from George, Leggins from F&F  2) Top from Gap, Shorts from Primark
3) Dress from Zara, Cardigan from F&F 4)  Dress from Next

1) Tunic dress from F&F 2) Top from Gap, Shorts from Primark
3) Top and leggings all F&F 4) Dress from JoJoMamanBebe

1) Dress from Gap 2) Top and trousers from F&F
3) Top from Gap, Leggings from F&F 4) Dress from Gap

1) Top and leggings F&F, Shorts from Primark 2) Whole outfit from Primark
3) Top from F&F, Leggings from Mothercare 4) Top from F&F, Shorts all from Primark

I tend to buy outfits with comfort in mind for Indie because she's always on the go. However I love dressing her in matching outfits and colour coordinating what she wears. 

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