Along with her father, this little girl is my best friend. When I am sad, she makes me happy, if I am mad she calms me down. Before having children I longed for a daughter to love, and ever since Indie entered our lives I have a fulfillment in my life that I can only have dreamt of.

Being a parent has been everything I imagined and more. I have a little person whose life I am responsible for. I teach her and watch her grow, as she teaches me so much I never knew about myself. I feel so lucky to have this little girl that I hold so dear, to be able to share experiences with her and to be able to raise her together with a man I love so much.

I hope that I raise her to be happy, to appreciate the little things in life. I hope that she finds confidence in herself and is content. I hope that she always feels like home is home, like family are around her and that she is loved.

My sweet little baby, you are growing so fast. Your developing ahead of your time and have a inquisitive little mind that I can often see wandering off into the clouds. I hope that you always stay this wild, that you always stay this spirited and beautiful inside and out.

my dear, you belong among the wildflowers

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