This week my belly has definitely grown a bit which is making me feel a little more pregnant and a little less chunky. My nausea is also improving and it's now only a problem if I'm quite hungry or if we're driving which I'm so happy about. To think that next week I'll be in my second trimester is a bit crazy, the time has flown. 

We ordered baby's wardrobe this week and a few storage furniture bits for the baby's bedroom. We now have a Moses basket, car seat, baby bath, cot, and all the vests we'll need for about 15 babies! There's actually very little apart from clothes that we have to buy when we find out the gender (I plan on sharing everything I've bought in a separate post). That was my plan; to buy all the essentials and more expensive bits now, so that when we find out the gender we can spend our money on gorgeous outfits and really relax and enjoy my pregnancy without having to worry about stuff we have left to buy. 

It's now only 13 days until we find out the gender, we are so excited! We don't have a preference at all, hubby would like the experience of having a son but we also think it'll be lovely for Indie to have a little sister/best friend so we will be totally happy either way. I've got a midwife appointment in 3 weeks time at 16 weeks where I guess I'll get my measurement checked etc. 

I've been able to pick up baby's heartbeat every time I've used my at home fetal doppler which is lovely. I'm not the type of person to worry if I didn't find the heartbeat now and again so it's been a really good purchase for me. Literally counting down the days until our next scan!


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