This week I had to return to the hospital for a further scan to look at the location of my placenta. I was originally told I would have to have an Internal Scan which I had never had before so I was quite nervous of the unknown. As it turns out I had to have both an Abdominal Scan (the normal ultrasound scan) and an Internal Scan. 

At first the sonographer did an ultrasound on my tummy to check the alignment of Harry's feet. If you hadn't read last weeks update I was told he could possible have Tallipes (club foot) but fortunately upon further investigation she gave us the all clear and said his feet sit at a perfect right angle.

I also asked for a sneaky picture because I can't help myself. Baby Harry at 20 weeks 2 days.

After, she said I would have to empty my bladder so she could perform a Internal Ultrasound to check my placenta's position in relation to my cervix. One thing I will say because I was petrified of the thought of having the Internal Scan beforehand because I stupidly Googled it, is that the tool/probe they use looks pretty scary but in actual fact it's mostly external machine and the actual probe part is tiny and not uncomfortable or painful whatsoever. I don't know why I was so worried to be honest. The great news is that upon examination she discovered that my placenta isn't low at all. It is infact Anterior High which is the same position it was when I was pregnant with Indie. She said that she is unsure at how it was possible for the previous sonographer to misdiagnose but she said it is possible that if my bladder was very full it might have distorted his view. It's not something I'm dwelling on though because we are over the moon with the news!

I will be seeing my consultant in 3 weeks time where I will find out more as to whether I can now have a VBAC although there is no reason to suggest otherwise. Although I am keeping in the mindset that I am having a c-section so I don't get my hopes up so to speak. Before leaving she asked to do another Abdominal Ultrasound to check my placentas position in relation to my scar. I was over the moon that she said it is also nowhere near my scar meaning that is now not a risk.

20 weeks 2 days (scan day)

Even if they still suggest a repeat C-Section for whatever reason I now feel I wouldn't mind. I am happy to do whatever is best for baby's health. This news means that I am now not at risk of bleeding due to Low Lying Placenta or it being across my Caesarean Scar and can expect to have a totally normal risk-free pregnancy. Words cannot describe how elated I am.

And I'll end with my weekly bump shot...

If you want to see a group photo of all my bump photos from 5 week bloat to 20 week bump then I shared it in this post. 


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  1. Oh that's great news. I was worried then when I read your linky tweet. Here's to a very uneventful 19 weeks :) xx #MaternityMondays