This week I've had a GP appointment, a hospital visit, a long phone call with the midwife and a midwife appointment. To cut a long story short, my midwife & GP both confirmed as I thought, that they don't change due dates based on Growth Scans and only go by the 12 week scan though she said that because my Fundal Height growth matches my recent Growth Scan measurements she is happy to ask for intervention from 37 weeks because it is very clear that baby is growing along 'above average' level. I'm hoping not to need it but at least I know the option is there should I feel like I'm further along than I am. At both my GP and Midwife appointments they both took new Fundal Height measurements which further confirmed that baby is growing well above average and they said if he continues to grow at the rate he is, he would be an estimated 10-11lb at 40 weeks. Both my GP and midwife agree that they think my dates are incorrect and that he will be born sooner, but only time will tell. As of today they believe he weighs an estimated 7lb 11oz (at 35 weeks exactly) and at the rate he is growing on the chart they presume he will reach Indie's birth weight (8lb 3.5oz) in a weeks time. The midwife has told me to make sure I am prepared and ready and given me an appointment in 2 weeks time that she is doubtful that I will attend as she thinks baby will arrive. As with everything, the Fundal Height and Growth Scan measurements can never be 100% but where he is consistently growing along the above average line they are pretty confident that my due date is sooner than 28th March.

On Tuesday after having a bit of tenderness at the corner of my previous C-Section scar, my midwife told me to ring triage who told me to go straight up to hospital. Baby was monitored for a while and was totally fine and my scar was checked out. I've been told to keep an eye on it but for now it seems fine.

This week the birthing ball has been my best friend. I've been finding it so hard to get comfortable and for the past few weeks my hips, back and pelvis have been really quite painful and I'm starting to feel a grinding when I walk. I've been told that it seems like symptoms of SPD and my midwife has referred me to have some physio though the likelihood of getting an appointment before baby is born are slim. 

At my most recent midwife appointment today she said my BP is perfect and baby's heart-rate is perfect. She said that baby is 3/5 engaged and it pretty low down. Only time will tell when we'll get to meet this little man...

I'll end with my 35 weeks bump photo...


  1. Baby at least seems to be following a growth pattern, although it is above that line. I hope they do help you and that your baby arrives soon

  2. Oooo I can't imagine the scar pain being very nice. To be honest, they all worried me saying G was going to be big and, on the last scan at 36 weeks, they estimated him at 9ibs. He was born at 38 weeks and he was only 6ib 5. I was so shocked because I was expecting a bruiser and got a tiddler. I hope it's sooner rather than later for your sake though. #MaternityMondays