Something that I've been noticing more and more recently across social media are the rude comments on photos of how 'picture perfect' some peoples lives are. To be fair, Instagram is home to a huge number of accounts that seem to be full of immaculate monochrome rooms full of pristine d├ęcor and children dressed head to toe in the pure white clothing, but I really don't understand why this warrants such negative comments. If you judge someone's life and more importantly 'parenting abilities' through what they choose to share on social media then bigger fool you. I for one can say that when Indie is throwing herself on the floor in a tantrum, the very last thing that I think of is taking a photo, and if my house is a total mess and I can see my to-do list building up, again, the last thing I want to do is take a photo of it. I'm first to admit that I only share the select bits that I chose to across social media and I think that it's important to remember that this is true for most too. It's very rare that Indie will pose for a photo, but if she does, I share it. I spend most of my day sat on my living room floor with my toddler playing with toys or chasing her round pretending to be a frog, but if I post a photo where the TV is on in the background then I 'must be letting the TV raise my kids'. You really can't win. I love to add a filter to a photo because sometimes I don't want to share the horrendous week that my skin is having. I like to crop bits out of photos sometimes because I want to keep the memory of my daughters happy face, rather than the pile of laundry behind her.

You really can't win when you start to share parts of your life on social media but lately I've decided to share more of the moments I'd usually not share. I have found such a good support network through social media full of lovely ladies that I regularly speak to and I don't see why I shouldn't share the bits that we all experience on a daily basis; the good, the bad and the ugly (that being said I daren't share a selfie without a filter, haha). Just because someone seems picture perfect across social media, it's important to remember that we are all human, parenting is hard and life isn't always easy. You never really know what might be going on in the background.

So here's a few pictures that aren't so Instagram friendly. Firstly, my toddler in her pyjamas at 7am telling me 'no' because she asked for fruit (which she got) but because mummy is eating Weetabix instead of fruit like her. Note all the dirty dishes in the background, that's my life! Just because the photos I choose to share on most of my social media tend to be 'Instagram friendly', doesn't mean my whole life is, just the bits I want to share.

And another corker of a photo. Hubby got a new phone last week and took this whilst messing around with the camera. It is the most unflattering photo in the world and if I'd known he was taking it I would have made him delete it instantly, but a few days later I saw the funny side to it. In truth, this is me every evening once Indie is in bed. Hair up, dressing gown and pjs on and bump out, drinking all the peach juice I can find. It's not flattering but it's life!

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