I thought I would write a little post and share the before, during and after of the transformation of little mans nursery. Before we found out we were expecting this room was a 'Reptile Room' where we kept all of our reptiles The d├ęcor was plain and neutral and we had lino flooring for ease and hygiene. When we found out we were expecting, Hubby insulated and converted our outhouse and moved all of our reptiles out of the 'Reptile Room' so we could make a start on transforming it into a nursery. 

This is basically what we started with; dull magnolia walls & wood effect lino flooring. This photo was taken after we have cleared the room out and cleaned, filled in any holes in the walls and sanded them down. It's a fairly small room and is essentially a 'box room' with a little walkway after the door. 

The next couple of photos probably look exactly the same but they were taken after we had pulled up the old lino flooring and painted the whole room (walls, ceiling and skirting) with a few coats of White Matt paint. Whilst in photos it might look like quite a bright room, the room is pretty small and is at the back of the house meaning it doesn't get the best natural light which is why we decided to paint it white to try and open it up as much as possible.

Once the paint was dry we had a new grey carpet fitted and started to add in a few bits and bobs...

Little madam approved...

Once the curtains were up and the new H&M rug arrived it started to look a little less, clinical and white and little more cosy.

We then added a couple tribal/Native American style prints to the wall opposite cot and bought the Kallax storage unit from Ikea.

We chose the Ikea Childrens Hensvik Wardrobe as I liked the shape of it and the layout for storage on the inside. We changed the doorknobs as I didn't like the ones it came with. We put this on the wall to the end of the cot. 

It didn't take too long for me to fill it up with little mans stuff.

We then added a little Wolf canvas above the cot and started to get the bedding set up (which I'll no doubt wash 50+ times before he is born) to bring the room together...

The print up close, I love it!

I found this little fox pillow for a bargain too at The Range which I think looks pretty sweet in his little cot.

We have bought plain bedding for now as we'll only need fitted sheets for a while so dressed the cot up a little with this little Mountain Print swaddle blanket that I brought Indie home in. It's from an American online shop called Juniper Wilde.

Everytime we see a dinosaur lately Indie keeps asking if we can buy it for baby Harry so he is growing quite the collection...

So that's it, we're pretty much done. Our original idea was to follow a tribal/Native American theme but we eventually decided to lean more towards a neutral/earthy toned colour scheme and add in a few tribal touches. We also tried to incorporate some animals and will probably end up creating more of a woodland themed nursery once he is here. Ultimately we plan on having him in our bedroom for a good few months at least, so I know this room won't be used too much but we wanted something nice and calming for when we start to transition him into his own room at bedtime.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please just ask. 

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