I cannot believe that I am now 30 weeks pregnant! We've now only got 9 weeks left until we get to meet our little bundle of joy. I've been nesting quite alot this week, wanting everything clean and sorting out lots of bits and bobs that we no longer need to take to the charity shop. I suppose I'm eager to make sure we've got plenty of space and are 100% ready. I've also got a few new baby related bits this week that I thought I'd share. 

29 weeks 3 days, goodbye feet!

Firstly I got these beautiful milestone cards from @cherylrawlings on Instagram. I love the plain monochrome colour scheme and these are gorgeously hand drawn. I can't wait to be able to use them in photos of little man to record his milestones.

Secondly, I finally got a pregnancy pillow. Well, it's really just a huge V-Pillow but it is so comfy, not that I've had much of a look in with Indie claiming it as hers! My back has been pretty sore for most of this pregnancy and my hips get really bad if I don't sleep with a pillow between my knees so I've wanted and needed this for a while really. Hubby also decided it was time we got a new mattress as ours was getting pretty old and was really past it. He ordered a lovely firm spring mattress with a memory foam top, it is the comfiest mattress I've ever laid on. I'm one happy, comfy pregnant lady right now!

I've had quite alot of big movements this week that have been starting to get quite uncomfortable. I love laying and watching little movements like this one though, I think it's an arm or a leg taking a swipe across my belly!

Apart from Braxton Hicks again this week it's been fairly quiet on the symptom front. No heartburn in sight which I'm happy to say and apart from an ever growing belly and the odd ache and pain it's been lovely! I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks and plan on just relaxing and enjoying the final run of this pregnancy.

I'll end with my bump photo at 30 weeks...


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  1. ooooo it's getting closer. The pillow looks fab and the Milestone cards are so cute. #MaternityMondays