Over the past few months I've been having real trouble with my eyesight. I mainly notice it when I'm trying to read; the words go totally out of focus. Up until last Thursday, I hadn't seen an Optician in over 10 years, which is ridiculous. It's a combination of it slipping my mind, and not having any trouble with my eyes to prompt me to visit. Two weeks ago I had the stark realisation that my focus was deteriorating and decided to book and appointment at Specsavers.

They did an in depth eye exam and discovered I was a little long sighted in both eyes, but my right eye was also having trouble with focus and had deteriorated. They told me I needed a prescription, so now I have glasses.

I picked a pair because they felt comfortable rather than looking the best. I'm so glad I've got them now because my eyes have been aching alot lately from the strain of trying to focus and I've been getting quite bad headaches as a result. They've told me I need to wear my glasses for watching tele, reading, when on the laptop, on my phone and when I'm generally needing to concentrate on something.

I'm looking forward to being able to read with ease again!

Are you due an eye test soon?

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