I can't believe that we are just 3 weeks away from meeting our little man. The time has flown by and although because we have been told to expect him earlier we are getting a little anxious, the time isn't dragging like I thought it would. My main symptoms this week have been burning ribs, which I suppose is normal given the fact that we're running out of room and alot of lower back and pelvis ache. I've also noticed that the Braxton Hicks are getting alot stronger and more intense, aswell as becoming a bit more frequent. It feels so weird as I never had any tightening with Indie until well after my waters broke so it does make me feel a little on edge when I have a few bad ones in a row. 

35 weeks 4 days

After 12 weeks of waiting I've finally managed to get an appointment with my consultant for this Wednesday. I'm intrigued to see what they have to say about baby's size and my dates. I've also got a midwife appointment in a weeks time. I certainly don't think I am 20 days ahead like the Growth Scan and Fundal Height chart is plotting, but I do think that my original due date (by period) 18th March is probably a more realistic due date. I'm feeling a little bigger than I did at this stage with Indie's pregnancy but am keeping in mind that all pregnancies are different and am well aware that Growth Scans and Fundal Height can never be 100% accurate.  

35 weeks 6 days

I'll end with a 36 week bump photo...



  1. Ahh 36 weeks, time seems to be going so fast! Exciting! x

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  2. Wow how exciting!! 3 weeks isn't long at all. Im 30 weeks and feel it's flying in! Good luck when it all happens and keep me updated!! Suz x beauisblue.com

  3. aww the photos are lovely. Your tummy looks lovely and smooth. Mine was/still is awful. I can't wait eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk #MaternityMondays