If you follow me on my other social media channels then you've probably seen me going on about the fact that I was chosen to review some highchairs a few months ago for Mother & Baby magazine. I tested and reviewed six highchairs and then wrote mini reviews which were featured in a five page spread in the March Issue alongside 2 other 'reviewers'. It's something I'm pretty proud of so I thought I'd share it with you.

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The photos aren't the best because it's impossible to take a photo that doesn't make the shiny pages cause a glare unless taken in low lighting so it's the best I could do. I'll attempt to scan it soon although my pregnant belly doesn't take too kindly to being sat still for long periods of time at the moment. 

I love the fact that a hobby such as blogging has resulted in me being able to actually feel a sense of achievement with something that I've been asked to do. Thank you all for reading.

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