A few weeks ago (22nd March) our little boy turned ONE! I am still trying to process how my little bundle of joy is now a walking, talking babbling little man.

Harry is a little monkey and constantly tries his luck. He is very head strong and has a very cheeky personality. 

He currently naps twice a day; once in the morning for about half an hour, and again after dinner for an hour or so. His bedtime is at 6pm and he settles himself with his dummy and Badger and is asleep within minutes. He sleeps right through the night although because of very noisy neighbours we have to play a white noise track all night. He sleeps until 6.30-7am and I feel so lucky that he does, especially after him hating sleep for the first 8 months!

We have lost count at how many haircuts he has had and he seems to be growing out of clothes super fast. He's in 18-24 month clothing at the moment and we chose his first shoes on his birthday. He is a size 5 (a size which Indie was at 2 and a half years old!).

He can say mum, dad, grandad, here you go, golly, gobble. I feel he is very clever with his actions and what he seems to understand and do, and whilst I often worry that his vocabulary is quite limited, I'm reassured when I see how well he can interact and communicate.

His favourite teddy is his Badger and he is really attached to it. He isn't dependent on a dummy although we do give it to him at nap time and at bedtime. 

He doesn't have a bottle anymore but has two cups of milk from a straw type cup, one after his afternoon nap and one again before bedtime. He has no trouble with eating and we have yet to find a single food that he dislikes. He loves his fruit and would happily eat bananas and grapes all day long. His favourite sweet treat are Oreo thins. He was given one a few weeks ago and now he gets shouty if he sees a pack! 

I have said before many times that I didn't even imagine myself with a son, but now I really can't ever imagine my life without him. 

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