It's been so long since I've shared a maternity outfit on my blog and that's mainly because I tend to be wearing whatever fits and covers the bump at the moment. As with most (if not all) of my maternity outfit posts, the H&M Mama Leggings make another appearance today as they are the comfiest things invented and at just £7.99 a pair, they don't break the bank. I tend not to like to spend too much on maternity clothing (unless it's suitable for breastfeeding also) because I know I won't be wearing it for too long. I picked up this Burgundy Turtle Neck Ribbed top from Tesco in the sale the other day for just £3. It's non-maternity and is a size 14 but it fit's pretty well. I've not got too long left to go now and am really looking forward to being able to fit in a few more bits of my clothing as at the moment I've got very few bits I can actually wear.

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