As you'll probably know if you've read my previous posts, I love the Winter but tend to avoid going out for long periods of time whilst it's very cold with the kids. We're already well into Indie and Harry's first colds of the season and their noses are both constantly running. 

Whenever we venture out without the car we're all bundled up. They both have hats and scarves as well as their coats, Harry is snug in his cosy-toes and Indie likes long socks to keep her warm.

As I've talked about before, unfortunately Indie has inherited her Eczema prone skin from both me and her dad. Whilst mine tends to present itself as just dry skin on my face and chapped lips, my husbands is the very red and sore all over body type and unfortunately Indie has a mixture of the both.

Winter is always worse, with the drastic changes in temperature in particular causing flare ups. The central heating really dries our skin out and we notice Indie's eczema tends to worsen on her body in places where her clothes are layered. 

We combat this is a few ways.

Good quality winter accessories

We recently replaced all of Indie and Harry's winter basics. We purchased hats, scarves and gloves from H&M and we make sure we reduce any skin irritation by making sure they are made of a soft fabric and steer clear of any scratchy acrylic materials. 

Bathe less and in cooler water

This obviously isn't for everyone and both my husband and I can't live without having a hot shower at least once a day, but my doctor actually suggested that we bathe Indie every three days to prevent her skin from further irritation and advised us to limit the amount of time in a hot bath as it can cause babies and children's skin to dry out.


A product that I swear by and have used since Indie was a newborn almost three years ago are WaterWipes. As well as for the usual nappy change I rely on WaterWipes a little more in the winter on eczema flare ups and for keeping skin clean whilst their noses are running like taps. I'm sure you've heard of WaterWipes as they are so popular among new mums and dads but they are basically super thick, wet wipes that contain only 99.9% purified water and 0.1% fruit extract. They're free from chemical irritants and contain no alcohol or fragrance. It's for this reason that I'm happy to use them on their skin, and even on their eczema. Admittedly they are a bit more expensive than the usual run-of-the-mill wet wipes but for the caring properties that they have, I think they're worth it. They're available in places like Boots for £2.99, though I tend to buy them in bulk from Amazon as they work out cheaper. 

Moisturise and protect skin
Last but not least I'd say that its important to moisturise babies and toddlers skin. We moisturise Indie to keep her Eczema at bay and whilst we've been using prescribed Diprobase Emollient for quite a while but at a recent visit to the GP we were advised to try Aveeno (an oat based cream) which we're looking forward to trying out. 

We also use Coconut Oil quite a lot and love the versatility of it. We use it on Harry's skin to keep it moisturised and hopefully prevent any dryness or irritation occurring and encourage Indie to use it as a lip balm (it is edible) to prevent and dry, chapped lips.

What tips do you have for keeping little ones skin supple over Winter?

*I was sent a small sample of WaterWipes to review however I feel it important to mention that I only agreed to feature these as I genuinely recommend and rate them. I purchase them regularly and highly recommend them for newborns especially.

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