This week we have been getting really excited to meet our little man. I've had a few dreams that he has arrived and woken up to find it was just a dream and been truly gutted, I literally can't wait. As of today we only have 8 weeks to wait and it's flying by. We've got Indie's birthday in just a few weeks and I think the party prep and present buying will keep me busy for a good few weeks and then I'll be busy re-washing lots of tiny baby clothes and organising, sorting and nesting for the last few weeks.

I've been feeling pretty positive this week and I'm so excited about the fact that we've finally got a co-sleeper. I've wanted one for so long but we didn't think it would be something we ended up getting as we weren't sure about whether it would be worthwhile but considering I'll be having another C-Section and plan on nursing, we think it's definitely something that we will get plenty of use from. I loved Co-Sleeping with Indie and I think this will be the safest way to co-sleep with baby number two aswell and mean that I won't have to get up and out of bed just to check to see if he's alright when my paranoid new mum brain kicks in! We got the Chicco Next 2 Me Co-Sleeper and are really happy with it. We've attached it to our bed already to see how it fits and to get Indie used to it being a normal part of our bedroom, I don't want everything to totally change and for there to be lots of new things appear when Harry is born so I thought at least by setting it up now she can get used to it being there for a couple of weeks before baby arrives.

The Braxton Hicks have settled down alot this week which I've been happy about and all of the other uncomfortable symptoms have calmed down too meaning I've really been able to enjoy pregnancy and relax. I got some new pyjamas this week that fit aswell which are so comfortable and I've finally noticed that the weight gain has steadied although belly is still growing by the day. I've now sold 2 pairs of my size 10 maternity jeans on eBay too as I am well and truly not a size 10 anymore haha. My size 12's fit perfectly but can imagine towards the last couple weeks they will get a little tight so I'll be living in my leggings, comfort all the way!

30 weeks 6 days

I'll end with my bump photo for 31 weeks, the stretch marks are re-appearing now too...



  1. Ahh can't believe you've only got 8 weeks to go, it's going quick! I'm jealous you've got a co sleeper, I've wanted one for ages but we just can't afford one! x

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  2. I'd have loved a co-sleeper, it would have made things easier this time around but we borrowed a moses basket instead thinking our little one would only be in with us a few months like his sisters, he went into his own room as 9.5 months!.#maternitymondays

  3. I really wanted a co-sleeper, but we didn't get one in the end. Unfortunately the upstairs of our house is like a building site, so there wouldn't be room. I'm not even sure we have room for the moses basket, lol!

  4. Lovely bump picture. My stretch marks have come back too, but all part of the Mummy adventure I guess! Love the look of the co sleepers

  5. Oh I'm with you on the leggings front. You can't beat them. The co sleeper looks fab. I bet you can't wait now eeek #MaternityMondays