Whilst my dream living space would most certainly be luxurious and extravagant (you can probably tell from my Pinterest board 'Dream Home' that large open spaces are my love) I think that realistically unless we won the lottery, that kind of living space really is what dreams are made of. 

That being said, when we eventually decide to renovate our Living Room we plan on making quite a few changes to get the feel that we want. Right now our living space is more about practicality and functionality than anything else. We've got a toddler and baby due in a few weeks time and that means we need storage for a lot of toys and baby furniture as well as a functional place to sit down and relax as a family. Whilst the want for beautiful cream carpets is there, realistically it would just be a canvas for crumbs and spilt food for the time being. 

When the little ones are a bit older we've got big plans for our Living Room. Both me and my husband are obsessed with Grey and I think we'd definitely go for a very neutral colour scheme and accessories with Soft Blush Pinks and Copper accents. I also love the look of minimal furniture (again, something that we have to sacrifice until the kids get older).

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I think a pattern that I have found when looking into home d├ęcor and design for our future living space is that I am very drawn to wide open spaces and bright areas of living. I think that it brings a great sense of calm and cleanliness to a room when you have good lighting and it certainly gives the illusion that they are bigger than they are. Both a blessing and a bind for us is that we live in our forever home and moving to a larger 'brighter' house is simply not an option. For this reason we have been looking into the idea of getting a Skylight put in and investing in a couple of VELUX Windows in the future. I think this would give us the illusion of space using light, whilst working with what we have. 

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One thing that is very important to us as a family is having a comfortable and cosy space to live. Whilst I love the idea of a big and bright living space during the day, I also want the total opposite of that in the evening (think warm blankets, soft lighting and flickering candles). Here is where I think VELUX Blinds would be a great option. I feel we'd be able to obtain a room that gained lots of natural light from a VELUX Window and created the illusion of space during the day, whilst still being able to create a cosy atmosphere using a VELUX Blind for the evenings.

VELUX Blinds is an internationally known brand which sells window-innovations. They have a range of products which offer light blackout and adjustment as well as insect and heat protection. I particularly like the look of the VELUX Blackout Blind for it's heat gain/loss properties which would be perfect in our ever unpredictable climate. I'm also pretty happy that they come in a wide range of colours, I'd certainly opt for the neutrals. Interestingly enough if we decide to renovate before the kids grow up I've also noticed that they have a Disney and Star Wars collection that would really put a smile on little ones faces.

The fact that we can get both blackout lighting and heat protection from just one product hits two birds with one stone. I can imagine us tucked up on our new sofa (probably something grey piled high with comfy cushions) with the blinds down and candles lit watching a movie. I can't wait!

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Ideally I'd love to be able to incorporate a bit of storage into our future Living Space. We'll no doubt want to have our clutter hidden after having children's toys scattered around at every turn for so long. Something like this sideboard from Next would be perfect, and it'd match our grey/neutral colour scheme.

I think to finish off the room I would add lots of neutral toned soft furnishings. I'd dress the sofa with Soft Blush Pink cushions and faux fur throws and I'd have a nice big rug to tie it all together.

What would you do to your Living Space if you could renovate it?

*Whilst this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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