This weekend has been nice and quiet, just how I like them. The weathers been horrible and raining on and off quite alot so we've been popping in and out between showers to keep busy but also enjoying some family time at home. I've given Indie's room a bit of a tidy and re-organise and got her some new bedding which she loves, as you can see by the gorgeous grin on her face. We thought it would be nice to get her something new for her bed as we picked up our co-sleeper for baby number two this week.

Something I love to see is our little bookworm deciding which book to read from her bookcase. This angle makes her bedroom look pretty tidy which satisfies the OCD tendencies that I have, but truth is, the majority of her toys are all over the rest of the house!

For a few weeks now Indie has been playing with Lego every time we go to visit my nieces and nephews. This weekend we decided to buy the start of what I'm sure will be an ever growing collection of Lego. Indie is obsessed with it and we've spent so much of the weekend building little towers and houses for her at her request, and been making some of the cool little models from the ideas booklet that came with it.

Indie particularly loved the bunny!

Over the past few weeks Indie's vocabulary and understanding have been growing so much. She now puts so many sentences together that we can have proper conversations with her and she can tell us how she is feeling and it has been adorable to get a look inside her mind. Most recently she has been showing lots of affection towards her Dad and often will grab a hold of him before he leaves the house and ask him to come back for 'one more cuddle' or give him an extra kiss whilst saying 'Daddy I love you'. She knows that he goes to work every weekday and if you ask her where Daddy is Monday-Friday she will answer 'Daddys at work, earning me pennies'. It's not always nice seeing him have to leave her everyday but it gives us the comfortable lifestyle that we lead and I am proud that he is willing to go out and earn for our family. 

This weekend when Indie came into our bedroom as she does every morning to snuggle and watch cartoons for 15 minutes, she hugged her Daddy and said 'Daddy, you not go work today' and when he replied saying it was the weekend and he didn't have work she let out the cutest 'Hooray' and hugged him tight telling him 'I love you so much'. We really hold our weekends close to us and take total advantage of the times we get to spend together as a family. I find the weekends are when Indie is the most hyper and playful and I love it. 

This weekend alongside hours of Lego, we visited family, went for walks and jumped in muddy puddles. We had to pop to Asda too so I couldn't resist picking Indie up a few bits. I love the dark grey colours they are selling at the moment (although it does show up a little darker in the pictures).

Now that we've only got 8 weeks until we become a family of 4 we've been making the most of it just being us 3. We took a trip to the big toy shop to let Indie pick a toy and have been enjoying doing some baking together too. 

We've started really encouraging Indie to be independent and she can now put her own wellies on ready for when we go out. She's also managed to put her own pair of leggings on (over another pair mind!) but at least she gave it a go. We've been trying to reinforce that she is a 'big girl' and that she is very clever for doing things independently which we think will help her when baby arrives to adjust to not being the youngest. Luckily for us she is keen to show off her abilities and loves to get the praise for doing things so we're hoping this trait will help the transition when Harry arrives.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what have you been up to? 

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