To celebrate the new year, me and the hubby snuggled on the sofa watching tele. We haven't been too excited for many celebrations recently because babies birth is getting ever nearer and we are ecstatic about that!

I have spent that past few days making all the final preparations for when I go into labour. The nursery is now completely how I wanted it, the maternity and baby bag is all packed and ready to go, there is a list of last minute things to pack stuck to the fridge (aswell as the number for the maternity ward for hubby to call if I am bent over in pain and incapable of making a phone call myself) and I have just 'perhaps a bit impulsively' ordered a very soft and fluffy 9ft rug to make our living room feel that bit more snuggly. 

Below is a video of the bump celebrating the New year in her own little way...

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