Weaning your baby can be a bit of a controversial topic.

We weaned much earlier than average, starting with a Farley’s rusk in a bottle, moving onto baby rice and fruit purees.

Whilst there are guidelines set out on what is considered the norm, I think ultimately mum knows best. At 8 weeks Indie was drinking an excessive amount of milk, and I was worried about the effect it would have on her poor little stomach. Doctors told me to just limit what she had, which we tried, but then she would cry because she was still hungry and that didn't make me happy.
We decided to try her with a Farley’s in her bottle before bedtime, she coped with it fine. We then started introducing baby rice for breakfast and it became quite apparent that she was more settled, cried less and her sleep was more regular and settled.

First taste of baby rice, she seemed to love it

At 9 weeks she was having baby rice for breakfast, and by 3 months I was pureeing small amounts of fresh fruit and veg and a routine of breakfast, dinner and tea was established. I’m aware that this is a controversial thing to do, but my blog isn't a ‘how to’ but more a record of my parenting journey and I’m sharing what I did. She still of course had her milk in between, and I regulated the foods she tried to ensure she never became constipated by having too much of a certain thing.

Blended carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, courgette, aubergine and banana

I made batches in rotation for the freezer

Her pureed fruit and veg progressed, I added blended meats and slowly I introduced textures and lumps (which she loves). A good travel companion of mine has been the Ella’s Kitchen food pouches which are natural and healthy and 100% organic. And I can vouch for the Spaghetti Bolognese especially being incredibly tasty; I may have stolen some and enjoyed it more than I care to admit!

3 months old

I always offer ‘finger food’ which I suppose is a variation of baby led weaning. She loves to explore her food and touch it.
Now, at almost 7 months, she is thriving. She will eat almost anything and regularly eats what we do. Her favourites are meatballs, tomato pasta and toast (not at the same time).

Watermelon, mmmnnn

Before having Indie, I was set on milk until 6 months, then weaning. However all babies are different and sometimes following natural intuition pays off. I am very conscious that I will be under scrutiny for this post, but we did what we felt was best for Indie. One reassurance I had, was a week Indie got a virus. She wouldn't drink her milk or take any water, luckily she would take pureed fruit and the doctor said ‘Had it not been for the fact that you had weaned her early, she wouldn't be taking the fruit puree, and so would have no fluid intake whatsoever and would most likely be in hospital on a drip’ and he was happy to send us home knowing she was taking fluid and reassured us that her energy levels would be maintained by the natural sugars. I like to think that even if nothing else, our decision to wean her early meant that we had made things a little easier for her whilst she was poorly.

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