Today I made some play dough for Indie whilst she was having her afternoon nap. The recipe is pretty simple so I thought I'd share it below.

I found this recipe on 'newyoungmum's blog' and made it within 5 minutes.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of water
½ cup salt
Dash of food colouring
2 x Tbsp of Oil
1 x Sachet of Cream of Tartar

1. Simply add all ingredients into a pan and stir over the heat until you feel the texture change. 

2. Take off the heat and keep stirring until you are left with pretty much one lump stuck to your spoon.

3. Let it cool and work it with your hands until the stickiness disappears.

4. Keep in an airtight container

This was the first time Indie had ever played with play dough and she seemed to love it. Now I just can't wait to make some more colours for her.

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