1 - I met my husband at sixteen.

2 - We were engaged at eighteen and married at twenty.

3 - We got our first place together when I was seventeen.

4 - I have twenty four pets.

5 - I qualified with the Open University in Accountancy & Bookkeeping.

6 - We are both set that we only want to have one child.

7 - After school I did a course in Forensic Science.

8 - I've always had long hair down past my bum, when I had Indie I chopped it all into a bob.

9 - I love to take photos of everything.

10 - I am addicted to social media.

11 - I am very confident in my parenting.

12 - I hate bullies.

13 - I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers and saw them live a few years ago.

14 - I cannot function properly unless my house is tidy and organised.

15 - I haven't died my hair in over 5 years.

16 - I have 5 tattoos.

17- I love interior design.

18 - I have been abroad twice. Once to Salou in Spain and once to Gibraltar.

19 - My mum and dad share the same birthday.

20 - I planned, booked and made all decor and arrangements for our wedding.

21 - My daughter has more clothes than me, and she is one!

22 - This year I managed to forget my age.

23 - I loved being pregnant and being in labour.

24 - We missed out on our dream honeymoon to Rome that was booked and paid for because I was too pregnant to fly.

25 - I am a full time stay at home mum and love it this way.

26 - CSI, Dexter, Bates Motel and House are a few of my favourite series'.

27 - I am left handed.

28 - I love Marmite.

29 - I have ten nieces and nephews.

30 - I used to work for an animal protection charity (cats and dogs home) and used to get paid to play with puppies.

31 - Asides from family, I have no friends that I keep in contact with whatsoever.

32 - Sometimes I wish that the mummies I speak to on Instagram and Twitter lived nearby.

33 - I wouldn't change my life in any way.

34 - I'm generally an optimist.

35 - I live a stones throw away from the woods and a big field.

36 - One of my favourite things to do is walk our dog through the woods.

37 - I admire how single mothers manage to parent a child without support of a partner.

38 - Motherhood has been the hardest and most rewarding experience.

39 - I dislike people who interfere with parenting choices.

40 - I 'mourn' the natural birth that I never got to experience.

41 - I was bullied during primary and secondary school and am actually grateful for the strong person that I am today because of it.

42 - My name is Baccara (buh-car-ruh) but I shorten it to Cara because so many people say it wrong.

43 - I love the sunshine.

44 - My husband has turned me into a total nerd with his comic book and batman obsession.

45 - In five years time I want to take Indie to Disney World, Florida.

46 - I love Super Mario.

47 - I love writing.

48 - I love to write lists and cross them off.

49 - Indie is my proudest accomplishment.

50 - I am the happiest and most content I've ever been.

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