On Tuesday I took Indie out into our garden, and then down onto the field so she could walk outside for the first time! It was still a little colder than I'd have liked but staying in has been driving me stir crazy. She did so well walking along our garden path I thought I'd take her down onto the field to have a wonder with Pink, our dog.

On the way down to the field Indie thought she would try and copy Pink and get on her level. It was hilarious.

When we got to the field she loved exploring and looked so confused at all the new things she was seeing and experiencing for the first time.

We had a lovely time walking around and watching Pink run about. I didn't really think about what she was wearing until we got home and her brand new pure white shoes were filthy! I can't wait to take her out again soon and let her run wild. 

Daddy was very nice and bought Indie some little wellies when he got home from work so next time we can squidge in the mud! I can't wait. 

teeny tiny size 4 wellies

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