After the others days adventures, Daddy bought Indie some wellies from f&f so we could go out for a walk without ruining her pure white trainers again. We had to buy a size 4 because they didn't do any small enough for her teeny size 3 feet. The sight of seeing my wellies and hers together admittedly made my heart melt a little.

Though the weather is still pretty chilly and the mornings are still frosty, the sun has been shining alot so we took advantage of the weather and took Indie's new wellies out for a spin.

Seeing Indie walking outside is still not a sight I am used to. She is fascinated by all the new things she can easily bend down to touch and constantly points at things with awe. Seeing her out and about like this really makes me appreciate that she is growing up.

Our big little girl.

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