Every Friday I get so excited because I know that once hubby gets home from work that evening, he's home for two full days. We really appreciate our weekends together and try to make the most of them. We usually have one day of relaxing, and one day of visiting family or going out for a day trip.

Indie's routine is totally different on the weekend, it's like she knows that Daddys  home. She usually wakes up later, eats more, naps more and is much more playful and content. You can really see that she loves her dad and she really takes advantage of Daddy daughter time by showering him with toys and snuggles.

It's still bitterly cold out, and were desperate to take Indie down onto the field to run about and to let her loose in the local park. She finally has proper shoes now that she is confident walking in so as soon as the weather warms up, or at least stays dry, we'll be straight to the park for a picnic and playtime.

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