It's crazy reading back Indie's One Year Update and realising that it's only been eight weeks since I wrote it. Surprisingly, alot has changed.

Most recognisable is her vocabulary. She can now say fifteen words! She can say Mum, Dad, Dog, What's that, Tickle, Nan, Golly, Yes, Grampa, Grandad, Cat, Shoes, Cup, Chicken and Dude. She also tried to say Crocodile when we are reading but she's not 100% there yet.

If I ask her to pass me her Cat or her Elephant, she knows which ones which and brings them over. And she picks up her Cat and says aww and rocks it like a baby, then passes it to someone else and shouts until they rock the Cat and say aww for her.

She brings me her shoes now and tries to put them on her feet, and she will pick up things purposely that she knows she's not allowed and run away laughing.  If she picks up a hair clip or hair brush she touches her hair with it and knows what it's for.

Indie seems to be exploring more of her toys lately and has been playing with her pram and other toys for the first time since we bought them for her for Christmas!

She now has eight teeth which she happily uses a toothbrush to clean. And she's getting less resistant to us helping her now aswell. She is competent with her walking and runs everywhere now. She loves wearing her shoes and loves exploring the outdoors.

Her hair is also still growing at a tremendous rate, I've done a post all about her hair. I am looking forward to seeing how much her personality and development changes between now and my next update.

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