This isn't a post that I ever thought I would share. I've never been 'skinny' and haven't ever really had confidence in my body. Last month I talked about 'How I Lost A Stone In 8 Weeks' through better diet choice and though I am far from what I would like to be, I can see my progress when I look in the mirror. When having a baby every womens body goes through a multitude of changes. I gained 2 stone during pregnancy, I got stretch marks across my stomach and sides and my boobs went up 2 cup sizes from a C to an E. There is a ridiculous amount of pressure put on women to 'lose the baby weight' and I think I really felt that. 

During the first year of motherhood I got into a very good routine with my daughter and feel that I managed my housework and generally kept the home together pretty well. One thing I really slacked on was my eating. I often forgot to eat until the evenings and when I did eat I chose the quickest option. I know that I neglected my body, but at the time I was very happy in every other aspect of my life and just focused on that. I felt very insecure and it took me a good year before I felt in the right mindset to do anything about it. Feeling insecure is the worst kind of motivation in my opinion, you need to be driven towards health and fitness and have a goal in mind that is realistic and achievable.

About three months ago I decided that I was in the right place and frame of mind to improve my eating and fitness. I didn't have a goal weight or size in mind I just decided to make better food choices and do a small amount of exercise. After two months of doing this I lost a stone. I was pretty shocked at the amount I lost so quickly, though I think it goes to show how much I was actually over eating.

Recently hubby suggested I take some photos to document my weight loss, unfortunately I didn't take any 'before' pictures but I think the photos from my previous 'How I Lost A Stone In 8 Weeks'  post kind of shows the excess weight I was carrying, especially around my face.

This is me currently, weighing a little under 9 stone and a comfortable size 10. I am very nervous about sharing these pictures but I am eager to document my progress and use it as motivation for the future.

I am really happy with how far I have come. My current goal is to exercise more regularly to tone up. The past month I reduced the amount I was exercising because of illness, and now I am feeling much better I aim to up my exercise game a little and see how much I can tone up.

Thank you for reading.


  1. You look fabulous and no doubt you put in the work to get were you are. Keep it up hot mama xx

  2. You look amazing!!!! Well done, hard work is really paying off!!1 #mummymonday

  3. Wow you look amazing! I would love to have a figure like yours! You definitely do not need to lose any more weight and you are so toned. I put on 4st when I was pregnant and I've lost it all but I have a lot of loose skin as a result. You've done really well, I hope you feel good about yourself too :) #mummymondays