I can't believe that I am writing Indie's 16 month update, meaning that in 8 weeks time she will be one and a half years old! Time is literally flying.

She is developing so quickly now. I'm finding it hard to keep up with the new words she is learning. She has started to put 2-3 words together now and we have noticed she's beginning to try and ask questions. A few new words she has picked up over the past month are pasta, car, biscuit, grape, bird and Pink (our dogs name). She can also now count to three, and jokes around by saying six afterwards and then laughs.

In terms of teeth she has now got her 2 molars top and bottom on the left hand side and is cutting the otherside aswell. She has teeth popping through on the bottom aswell, next to the ones she already has (poor little monkey).

We've noticed she has been a little whingey this month, we think it's to do with teething but we're also aware that she has started testing her boundaries and is generally just demanding more attention from us. I drive myself crazy with the amount of times a day I repeat myself.

No Indie, don't play with the dog food.
No Indie, don't play with the bin.
No Indie, you can't climb the table.
No Indie, don't put whole toilet rolls down the toilet.
No Indie, spit out that dog food and stop eating it. 

The list is endless!

There have been a few changes this month. We've said goodbye to the highchair for good and Indie now eat's her breakfast, dinner and tea at her little table. She's taken to it really well.

Also we decided to convert Indie's cotbed into a toddler bed. She did really well and had a two hour nap in it in the afternoon. The problem was that we bought a bed guard that didn't fit her mattress so her first night she had no guard on. She went to sleep great, a few hours later we heard a thud and Indie had fallen out of bed. We decided to put the side of her cot back on and wait until we get a bed guard that fits, we are so proud of how well she did. Her room is looking so grown up now.

A few other little things she has started doing lately is waving at everyone. Whenever we are out with her she waves hello and we are stopped countless times by little old ladies who wave back and want to talk to her. It's lovely, well it was the first 20 times now it just makes every outing five times as long! Still, I'm sure it makes their day so we always say hello.

Another thing little one has started doing is giving cuddles when we ask, it's lovely.

I can't believe how quick time with a growing toddler is going. Hubby and I are really looking forward to when Indie is old enough to have a conversation with us. She already is very cheeky and will backchat by saying no or shh. I wonder how much she really understands.

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