On Saturday we were up super early thanks to little bear. We aren't morning people but unfortunately Indie is, so we have to be. She does make it worth it with her cheeky little smile and happy morning cuddles.

We got ready nice and early and went out for a walk. Indie chased after Pink all of the way and was shouting at her Daddy and pointed out every single car and cat we saw.

In the afternoon we played in the garden and enjoyed the sun together. Indie is yet to master how to use a slide...

In the evening we went for a walk up to the village and got something to eat from the local chip shop. Indie had cod bites and chips and ate them on the way home and we bought a few different things to share. It's nice to have a treat on one day over the weekend because we eat pretty healthy 6½ days of the week. On the way back we stopped off at the american sweet shop and bought some goodies to try.

The crisps were AMAZING! I love jalapenos and they were so good!

On Sunday we went for a long walk to visit an old friend. We spent the day in the garden and Indie helped herself to his home grown strawberries.

We were really lucky and had brilliant sunshine all weekend. It's been nice to get out in the fresh air and make the most of the weather.

What did you do this weekend?




  1. The weather was lovely wasn't it! I love American sweet shops. We have one in our town too, it's amazing!xx

  2. Ah lovely photos. How cool to have an american sweet shop!! Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x