Not alot of big changes this week but a few little ones that I thought I would share. My appetite is still very low but I've been making sure I am still eating enough daily and am packing my meals with healthy veg and greens which I think is part of the reason that my tiredness and fatigue has eased this week. I have been feeling slightly more nauseous in the mornings but still nowhere near as bad as I was at this stage with Indie. I still haven't got any craving thought I am more drawn to savory foods when I do feel hungry and I quite like the idea of food with vinegar at the moment haha.

I've got my first midwives appointment on Wednesday which I am really looking forward to. It's at that appointment that she will send off for an appointment for my first scan so I can't wait.

 I have a gut feeling that this baby might be a boy. There's no particular reason why but when I imagine the babys room I see white walls with grey carpet, multi-coloured accents and a red fire-engine on a shelf (I think I blame my dad and his love of fire engines for that though). We will be happy with either sex though really. I think hubby secretly wants the experience of having a son, but I know that a happy healthy baby is all we both really want.

This week I feel alot less bloated and with the bloat disappearing I think a teeny tiny bump is appearing.

It's more noticeable when compared to last weeks picture where you can see just how bloated is was...

It still hasn't fully sunk in that we are going to have another baby, but we are very excited and looking forward to the experience. We've started thinking about the practical things like *to tandem pram or not to tandem pram* and have started making plans to clear the spare room. 

I'm looking forward to sharing how my midwife appointment goes in next weeks update.

(and just for the record, if I get one more comment with 'shouldn't you be waiting until your 12 weeks before telling people' then I'm going to lose my mind. Funnily enough, if I wanted to wait until 12 weeks then I would have! I am a positive person who likes to live in the present and embrace it, stop trying to put a damper on it- positive comments only please)


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