Something to remember is that you’re packing for a hospital stay, not a fortnight’s holiday in Rome. When I packed my hospital bag with Indie, I unnecessarily over packed because I was unsure at what the hospital would provide; things like cotton wool balls for first nappy changes and baby milk formula is provided and there were sterilising facilities and Medela breast pumps that were free to use.

Only pack what you think you will need for the first day or so in your labour bag. With a straight forward labour and birth you are usually home within 24 hours and if you have to stay any longer then someone can collect the bits you need for you.

When I was in hospital with Indie I overpacked 'just incase' I needed it. In actual fact I was in hospital alot longer than I expected due to having to have an Emergency C-Section and Indie being in Neonatal Intensive Care for a while. I ended up not needing 60% of the things I took and the things I did need were easily collected by hubby.


2 nightdresses (for giving birth in)

Maternity pyjamas (comfortable and not clingy)

Comfy clothes to go home in (maternity clothes are great for this)

A couple pairs of big knickers & sanitary towels (especially good for C-Sections)

Nursing bra and breast pads (you won’t need that many as it often takes a while for your milk to come in)

Socks or slippers for getting up for toilet trips etc

Toiletries (2 in 1 shampoo, mild soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant etc)

Hairbrush & a hair tie to tame the mane (I also took Dry Shampoo which was a great idea)

A little bit of makeup (not necessary but does make you feel a little better)

Smartphone & charger (for contacting people and taking photos)

Plastic carrier bag for dirty clothes 
(it's nice to keep them separate incase you need someone to rummage through and pass you something from your bag)

Hospital notes and birth plan

A book/magazine (something to keep you entertained, we took our tablet)

Glucose sweets, lollies, cereal bars, jelly sweets and favourite juices (to keep energy levels up, before, during and after)

A dark towel for after showers


3 vests

3 sleepsuits (the ones with built in fold-over scratch mits are a life saver)

A hat

Socks, if the outfits you take don't cover the feet

A small bag of nappies (if needed hospital can supply you, or you can always send hubby for supplies if your stay ends up being longer than expected)

Bibs and muslin squares (these are so handy, they take up next to no room in the bag but are used for everything)

Newborn safe wet wipes, we used Water Wipes (cotton wool and water was provided too)

2 baby blankets (Indie was sick on her first one so I was very glad I took a spare)

An outfit to go home in (the midwife told me to disregard the vest as an invisible layer and dress baby the same as you, plus a layer)

Car seat for the journey home

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