This week my nausea has settled down so much and I've actually regained a little bit of an appetite which I'm so happy about. I still have pretty strong food aversions where not much seems great, but I am actually managing to eat a good amount of food now and again so I'm feeling pretty good.

I bought a pair of maternity jeans this week. I've been living in leggings but even the leggings waistband is starting to feel uncomfortable so I invested in a pair of decent maternity jeans in my current size and they feel amazing! I feel like whilst I haven't got a proper bump, my belly is definitely growing and I hate feeling restricted so it was definitely a good decision.

I've now only got 11 days until my scan which I am so excited about. We've also decided that once we've been to the dating scan and my dates are confirmed, we are going to book an early gender scan privately for 16 weeks so we can find out what we are having a month early.

I've been told that after my 20 weeks scan I will have an appointment with my consultant (I think 20 weeks is a bit late considering they've said I'm high risk) but anyway, I will be seeing the consultant who will make the decision as to whether I should be put on mini Aspirin again whilst pregnant to help with potential high blood pressure and decide whether I will need regular scans again or not.

I'll end my post with another belly picture and will be back next week for my last update before my scan, wooohooo. (and to clarify for those who have felt the need to point them out, yes, those are stretch marks on my side from where I carried my 8lb 3.5oz daughter last time, and they don't bother me one bit)


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