I apologise in advance at the quality and angles of these photos. I decided the other day to take a few photos of an outfit I liked and it wasn't until uploading them that I noticed you could barely see the outfit. 

I want to start posting a few maternity outfit of the days to show what I am wearing with an ever growing bump and rather than just deleting these photos I thought I'd share them anyway. I think you can kind of get the jist of the outfit, and next time I promise to get the tripod set up and bribe hubby with biscuits into taking a few proper photos.

The top is just a striped tee from Next and my necklace is from Primark.

My jeans are a from H&M maternity and they are unbelievably comfortable. I got a size 10 and they fit like a dream.

Keep and eye out for more Maternity OOTD's. I'm hoping to make them a regular feature on my blog.

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