I wanted to write a little post to document how Indie is doing right now. My blog was always intended to be a little diary of our lives and so I want to write down a few little bits that I want to remember about how well Indie is doing. I am so unbelievably proud of the way Indie is growing up. She is so clever and totally independently minded, some days I question how she is only 2! This post isn't in any order, and might not make any sense to you but it's just information that I really want to remember.

The main thing that people comment on is her speech, talking and comprehension. She structures sentences together properly and most people don't believe that she is only 2. She not only knows words and what they mean, but she can use them in context.

She can say whether it is cloud, chilly, sunny, raining, windy or freezing outside and will explain that if it's sunny you need sunglasses to protect your eyes and if it's windy you might need a scarf. She will tell you if she thinks her bath is a bit too cold, or a bit too hot and will finally be happy and say 'it's warm' when it's perfect temperature to suit her. 

If she see's someone crying she will ask them if they need a drink of water and will offer a hug and then ask if they are happy afterwards. She shows genuine concern and it is adorable. She tells people she 'loves them too much' and we haven't got the heart to tell her that she should say 'so much' because it's just too cute.She loves to give hugs and pulls peoples hands as soon as they arrive to get them to go and play with her. 

She can count up to 10 in order, and can tell you how many legs something has by counting them (up to 4). She knows all of the 'common' colours and gets so confused by metallics like silver and gold. We haven't started on the alphabet yet, although I'm sure it's something we'll start soon. She knows most animals and thanks to her Daddy's love for reptiles she can name certain species from photos (more than I can if I'm honest).

She often comes up and asks to see baby Harry and pulls up my top. She holds my belly and says 'I love him' and 'Can I see my baby brother soon?', little does she know she's only got days to wait now. When we tell her that she will meet her little brother soon she says 'Can I keep him, can I?' and always seems so excited. I'm not sure she understands fully but she seems pretty excited nonetheless.

She is obsessed with her wellies and loves nothing more than to splash in muddy puddles and get covered in mud. Luckily we live so close to the woods that we can do this quite often, and she doesn't get too cold either because we can just run home. 

She eats quite a varied diet but is a total fruit bat and would always choose an orange, a banana or some grapes over most things. If she had her way she would have pasta, chips or pizza for tea everyday but luckily for us she is happy to eat what we do too.

She knows that her name is Indie and will tell you if you ask her. She sometimes says 'I'm a cheeky monkey' and will call her Daddy or me by our real names and laugh. She loves to push her luck and test her boundaries and I think it's all a way of learning her limits. We're quite aware of when she is doing it and she usually has 3 chances to stop something and then we intervene. It works pretty well we've found and whilst she is definitely still a cheeky monkey at times, we're getting there.

She loves it when we read her stories and she has a few favourite books which she has basically memorised the words for and insists on reading to us instead. Her favourite at the moment is The Hungry Caterpillar but she's also really into the Peppa Pig books. 

Every week she sits down with my Dad and they eat biscuits together. She associates the biscuit tin (and it's contents) with my Dad and even if I don't tell her that he is coming, she knows to expect him on the same morning every week. Her favourite person in the world is my Dad's partner. She often tells me that she is her 'best friend' and I adore the love that Indie has for her. I know without a doubt that Indie feels as happy with her as she does with me and Kieran and that really means alot to me. 

Over the past couple months Indie has really changed in character and become alot more strong willed and independent. It seems that overnight her speech has excelled from the point where she started to place words together, to the point now where she knows exactly what your telling her and she can respond with the best comprehension. I am so very proud of how our little girl is growing up, I don't want to forget these little milestones, my clever little girl. 

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