This week on top of all the last minute prep for baby, little monkey decided she was going to put a tiny stone up her nose and get it stuck. I rang 111 who said A&E was the best place to go just incase the stone was sharp. She didn't mind one bit and I only knew it was there because she kept sneezing. We were literally in and out of A&E in 20 minutes because after looking for the stone they said the best thing to do was what is called a 'Mothers Kiss' where the nurse holds Indie's head and blocks the opposite nostril and then someone (the nurse said Daddy as she didn't want to put me into labour haha) blows into her mouth to force it out. They did it and Indie laughed and was so happy that she got a sticker from the doctor, little monkey! They said they had a child with a raisin stuck up his nose the day before and that it is one of the most common complaints they get, kids!

Little monkey, not phased one bit!

The stone and the sticker

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