I said that last week was my last pregnancy update but I thought I'd just share the last news and pictures from my last week of pregnancy today anyway. On Friday I received a phone call to say that my section is booked for tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd March eeeek! I had my pre-op assessment today at 12.30 where I met with a midwife, doctor and anaesthetist to check I'm all fit for surgery. 

38 weeks + 1 day

Hubby has took paternity leave from today so we've had a lovely long weekend together and today we went out for an early lunch before Hubby dropped me to the hospital for my pre-op which took a few hours. Whilst I was at the pre-op assessment he took Indie home for a nap to try to stick to some normality and routine for her as it'll all be a little up in the air for a few days no doubt.

 Difference between 27 and 38 weeks

38 weeks + 4 days

I'm actually not really feeling nervous yet, apart from it'll be the first time I've been away from Indie overnight which I'm not looking forward to but I know she will be fine and having lots of fun.

Tomorrow, we're having a baby!

My last weekly bump photo 39 weeks exactly...

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  1. Congrats!! Look forward to hearing about the arrival of your little one :) #maternitymondays