Six months ago, almost to the day, I deleted my blog. I didn't give any notice or explanation but I just deleted my blog, all the posts and the social media accounts that I had connected to it. 

It was just a few days after having Harry and I had an 'issue' that I didn't really want to have to deal with at the time and basically downloaded all of my content and deleted my blog, not really knowing what I would do in the future. I half expected to be gone for a couple weeks, I had odd days where I decided I was gone for good, and there were certainly days where I wish I had the platform to 'vent' back.

My blog has always been a place for me to document my life, a bit like a diary. I chose to share my life with others, whether it be to help them by sharing my experiences or to give them something to read whilst up doing a night feed. 

I've always been aware that anybody can access my posts and photos, and it's not overly bothered me. I am an open person and whilst I'm not naive and know there are obviously people in this world who's motives aren't the most innocent, I am confident that the photos of my children are enjoyed by a lot of likeminded mummy's, bloggers and family and that makes me happy. I have a lot of friends who I've met through blogging and social media and I love watching their little ones growing up and changing with each photo too.

Going back six months, my confidence was rocked a little when an estranged family member followed my blog via Bloglovin. Without going into detail, me and hubby made a decision when Indie was a couple of months old to keep Indie away from a few family members for personal reasons. What was initially 'bad feelings' between two people quickly escalated into us involving the police to get restraining orders. I've never discussed this online but as I used to share every part of my life on here I felt it only right to give a brief explanation.

After seeing this family member follow me on Bloglovin' I was hit with the realisation that they could see what I was writing, read my raw feelings and see photos of our children. I deleted my blog because I panicked. My initial feelings were that I needed to get rid of it all because I didn't want them reading all about our lives that they weren't welcome in. It's took me six months to realise that actually, I don't mind. They are free to read my blog, look at pictures of our children growing and see what we achieve, because it doesn't matter one bit, they will never ever be part of it. 

So here I am, I'm back. 

I've changed my blog name as I felt I had outgrown 'BabySausages', a name I picked when me and hubby only had our dog, our little sausage dog. She was my only baby then and hence the old blog name.

A lot has changed in six months so keep an eye out for posts with a few life updates and recent pictures. I can't wait to get posting again.