“Let her sleep
For when she wakes,
She will move mountains.”
― Napoleon

Indie has now been earthside for aslong as I was carrying her. To say the past nine months have flown by would be an understatement but nonetheless I feel like when I look back I can see it all in slow motion, like I really savored every moment. 

Going from a carefree couple to a family of 3 was a huge shock to the system at first; I never knew how much I would appreciate just ten minutes of sleep until we had Indie. Our everyday is governed by Indies food and nap times, and whereas we used to go out to eat and get something we fancied, now the only thing we consider is whether a place is pushchair accessible and whether they will accept food being flung across the room by little hands. But nonetheless, I cannot imagine our life without her.

In twelve short weeks our little one will turn one. She now has a vocabulary of seven words, walks aided and will point to something she wants. Seeing a tiny human being grow inside of my belly was both strange and exciting, but to witness her then learn and grow has to be one of the most fascinating things on earth.

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